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Teak Shower Floor

teak shower floor matsHaving a teak shower floor can transform the look of your bathroom, and it can do it in an amazing way. So, if you are tired of your boring, plain bathroom, or if it looks embarrassing to anyone who uses it, and you feel the need to change it, then you need to have a teak make-over done for your bathroom.

If you are new to the world of teak, then you’ve probably missed a lot.┬áTeak is a tropical hardwood that is known for its capability to repel damage from moisture. The wood has got some natural oils that enables it to resist mold and mildew.

This means, you don’t have to use that cold hard tile in your bathroom; having a shower floor that is built with teak will make your bathroom look much exotic compared to using tiles. It will also enable you to bring that richness and warmth linked with wood, into your bathroom.



A little history – identifying Bona Fide Teak

Now, to create a teak make over for your bathroom, that is, having a teak floor, teak shower floor mat and other teak shower floor inserts, then you need to be able to identify authentic teak because using bona fide teak will help you have the best, sturdy and long lasting teak floor, teak shower mat and other shower floor inserts that are perfect for the wet, warm and muggy surrounding of a spa, shower, steam bath or any other bathing area.
Now, we’ll take a look at how to identify bona fide teak in order to be able to create a long lasting shower floor. Teak is a deciduous tropical hardwood teak shower matsfrom the mint family. It is a native to Southeast and South Asia although it primarily grows in monsoon forest foliage. Being in the mint family makes teak an aromatic wood, in fact, teak gives off an aroma that is reminiscent of leather when it is freshly worked.

Teak also has a lot of species and one of the most common ones is the Common Teak -obviously- with the scientific name of Tectona Grandis. The tectona grandis is the most used of all teak species. Other species include the hamiltoniana form Myanmar/Burma, and the Philippinesis from the Philippines; these species are very rare and are mostly never used.

So if you are having a teak floor, purchasing a teak shower floor mat or any other teak shower floor insert, then you need to be sure that your product is made of original common teak.; and if you are using common teak, make sure it is raised on restricted plantations that protect scarce trees, rain forests and afford viable silva culture for the native populations.

teak woodCommon teak is equipped with a yellow brown color and superior textures and grains. When exposed to an outside environment, that is, sunlight and atmospheric condition, in a few months, it will change its color to silver grey.

The color change doesn’t mean it is going to diminish the character of your teak floor, teak floor inserts or any other teak furnishing you have. Neither will it lose its sturdiness. In fact, the silver grey color blends and contrasts superbly with most bathrooms and plants.

Teak Shower Floor Inserts

Having teak shower floor inserts added to your shower floor will make your bathroom more glorious. Besides this, if you just want a little touch of teak and don’t want a full teak makeover, then having teak shower floor inserts are good. Shower inserts like the teak shower floor mats, which are square or rectangular in shape, can be used outside your shower or bath.

teak wood shower floor


You can use them in place of the old style fabric shower mat. Just step out of your bath and dry yourself off. You will get a luxurious feeling under your feet, and you will also feel impressed when you walk into your shower and see this lying on the floor. These shower floor inserts come in different forms and sizes in order to fit your bathroom space.

Another shower floor insert is the teak stand. You get more storage space to put your towels and your other bath products with these freestanding shelving units. Although what you will see mostly of these units are the corner units, you can also find the normal four legged stands if that is what you want. With these inserts, you get that spa feeling, you can place some cool scented large candles on the shelves with your rolled-up towels.

Teak Shower Floor Mats

Anyone that uses your bathroom will always be awed and impressed whenever they take a bath in your bathroom but that is if you have a shower floor built with teak wood shower floor. Having teak replace the old plastic or tile shower floor is one improvement you will love a lot. When your shower floor is built with teak, it will look like a platform, equipped with spaces in between the teak wood slats.

teak floor inserts

This will allow water from your bath flow into the shower’s drain. The teak wood will have to be cut in order to fit your floor cleanly, if the cut is done properly, the fitting will be snug. No matter what kind of floor you have, having a shower floor made with teak will be amazing.

Building a teak shower floor

As said earlier, teak is a moisture resistant wood that is naturally found in the plantations of South East Asia. The resins teak is equipped with makes it to bend instead of break when the wood is put under pressure. This factor contributes to why teak is one of the strongest woods in the world.

By creating a shower floor with teak, you are essentially overlaying an existing shower floor which is water proof since the slats of the teak will stay over the drain and they are not waterproof. Want to replace that standard shower stall with a more sophisticated and beautiful bathroom? Then teak is the right thing for you.

What You’ll Need:

  • A table saw
  • 1 by 2 inch teak slats
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • 2 inch galvanized wood screws
  • Double-sided carpet tape

The Process

First, you will need to measure the inside of your teak wood shower floor in order to know the depth and the width of your teak floor. Once this has been done, you’ll cut your 1 by 2 inch teak slats as long or as short as the measurement of your teak shower floor, less one and half inches for the end trim; you’ll do this with the table saw. For you to know how to cut, just divide the floor’s measurement by 1.5 and you’ll know the amount of 1 inch slats you’ll use in between the half inch space.

Step two; you’ll cut strips of your double sided carpet tape and lay them out, six inches apart. The laying out should be done on an area that is as wide as the shower floor. You will then set the slats on tape, half inch apart.

Step three deals with the teak trim. You will cut 2 end sections of your teak trim and make sure the measurement is 1/2 by 2 inches; this will be as long as the longer measurement of your teak floor. Now, you’ll hold the trim against the slats end.

Now it’s time to use your drill -step four. You’ll drill two pilot holes on the ends in order to match up the teak slats and screw them up in place. You’ll do the screwing with your two inch galvanized wood screws.

In step five, you are going to drill your remaining pilot holes into the slats, through the trim. You will make it two for each slat then you’ll screw them into place once the holes are done. Repeat this for the second side.

Lastly, lift your teak wood from the tape and place it down on your shower floor. There, now you know how to go about making a teak shower floor mats for your shower or bath.

And that’s it on Teak shower floor. Do not forget, if you are looking for a classic, luxurious and sophisticated way to improve your bathroom, teak is one of the best resources you can use; awe yourself and anyone who uses your bathroom. Use Teak!

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