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Teak Bath Mats

Why teak bath mats should be the first choice for your bathroom?

teak-spa-matWhen it comes to bathroom accessories, teak bath floors are probably not the first choice of many people, as there are plenty of cheaper options, but they should be for variety of reasons. The purpose of teak shower mats is not to slip in wet tubs and on wet tiles, but the majority of them don’t quite serve it, especially when left wet for a longer period of time.

This also carries the risk of catching a variety of bacteria, fungus and mold, which is additional treat to your family’s health. With anti slip bath mats you get to avoid all this and it will serve you longer than probably any other wooden bath mats. All this justifies its higher price compared to ordinary bathroom mats.


Advantages of teak bath floor mats over other type of bath mats?

Teak bath mats can serve as a cover for bathroom floor or a pad in the tub, either way they will look great and protect your family from standing and slipping on the cold and wet surfaces. You see, teak wood is a specific material. Teak wood is so durable in damp environments that it is mainly used in boat building. Because its high content of teak oil, it is especially rewarding material for making furniture in damp areas like bathroom, saunas and pool sides, as well as outdoors (patios and gardens).

It is water, pest and mold resistant more than any other type of wood, not to mention plastic and rubber, which are, unfortunately, most commonly used for teak bath mats because they are affordable, but far from the best option. Rubber, plastic and other types of wood are haven for mold and bacteria, which makes them slippery even after one use, as well as a risk for getting various infections on feet.

teak bath mat

Teak bath mats maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining teak shower mats is far easier than maintaining plastic, rubber or other wooden bath mats.  It is enough to wash them with some soap and warm water and let them air dry, unlike other mats where you’ll need some serious disinfecting agents and efforts to remove all bacteria and mold. Plus, you won’t have replace your bath mats made from teak anytime soon – it will serve its purpose for years, unchanged in functionality.

If you want to keep the original color of teak and prolong its life in general, than you should re-oil your teak bath floor insert once in a few months. This is also quite easy – you can buy teak finishing oils in online stores like Amazon, where you can also find a great selection of teak wood bath floor. Wash your bath mat and let it dry for 24 h and then re-oil it with a paint brush. Easy as cake!

Best teak bath mats on the market

Handcrafted Teak  Floor Mat with Mold Resistant Protection

It is a wonderful piece of furniture that will add style in any bathroom. It is handcrafted and soaked in protecting oils. It is raised from the surface and has rubber gripping feet, for better stability.

It comes assembled in the package and its dimension will fit most bathrooms. It has 21″ in length, 14″ in width and 1.25″ in height. I’d recommend one of these to those who want to add a touch of luxury into their bathroom.

handcrafted teak bath mats


Conair Home Solid Teak Bathroom Mat

It is affordable and also raised bath mat, approximate dimensions like the one above. It has rubber pads at the bottom for better gripping and simple design that will fit in any bathroom. I’d recommend this one for those who don’t seek anything luxurious, but still want simple design and good quality for a fair price.

Solid Teak bathroom mat


Hip-o Modern Living Foldable Teak Indoor/Outdoor Bath

This one is affordable, handcrafted mat with lower profile than the two above, for those who would like to avoid bumping their toes on it. It is light-weight and suitable for both floors and tubs.

Foldable Teak Indoor Outdoor Bath


Bare Decor Zen Spa Shower or Door Mat

This one is somewhat bigger than previous three mats and one of the raised ones. It’s incredibly simple in design and is a perfect choice for those that would like to add some Zen touch to their home.

Spa Shower Mat in Solid Teak Wood Oiled Finish


I hope this article helps you pick the best math for your home and in my experience I have only the best recommendations for teak shower accessories in general, especially for bathroom. Teak wood is naturally warm which makes teak bath mats perfect choice for any home.


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