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About Me

Hi! I’m John  and for more than 11 years I’m turning ordinary bathrooms in safer and more enjoyable places.

When I first discovered the features of teak wood, as a lover of DIY, I’ve decided to make one teak shower mat for my bathroom. My kids were small and I need some non-slippery solution for the shower and yet resistant to fungus and mold. Some ordinary shower mat I’ve used before was not the best option as it tended to gather mold and fungus more often than we liked to clean it.

Teak wood is extremely durable in wet and warm conditions, and is resistant to mold, bacteria and insects, unlike mats made from other materials, because of its high content of oil. It naturally forms non-slippery coat which makes it excellent choice for bathroom mats, boat decks and saunas.

My DIY teak mat turned out better than I’ve planned and my family and friends were delighted. Many of them wanted one for themselves and proposed me to make a business of it. The word spread fast and my business quickly grew so I had to employ more people and start serious production of teak shower mats.

By today, my business served thousands of satisfied customers, as our mats are very durable which makes them a great investment for any home. Each of our shower mats will serve you for many years to come, as teak is very flexible and isn’t prone to cracking and shape changing as other types of wood. You can use them as shower or bath mats or in floor mats, to avoid slipping on the wet floor. The best of all – you and your family will be safe from injuries and infections, unlike with plastic and rubber mats.

Because I’m in love to work with teak wood, I decided to make this website and review different teak products that are available online.

So feel free to head to and choose your best fit. All of the products that we have reviewed are quality build so you won’t even have to think about replacing them anytime soon!


With love,