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Teak Shower Mats Review

teak shower matTeak shower mats may seem as a fancy trend in modern spas, but they’re much more than just that. Though they do look stylish and give Zen like atmosphere, but if you really care about safety in your bathroom, the smart choice would be to buy one of the teak floor mats.

There is a number of safety and usability reasons for it. Here are some of the facts that you should know.



Teak shower mats have anti-slip surface

Teak wood has high content of natural rubber, which makes its surface non-slipping. This makes teak bath mats crucial for parts of bathroom where there is a possibility to slip and injure yourself.

For example, your shower cabin, bath tub or in front of them, so you don’t slip when you get outside the shower or bath. This is especially important for children and
older members
of the family.

Teak shower mats come in all shapes and sizes and are made for all purposes (bath, shower or bathroom floors) so you can easily pick the right one for your bathroom.

But these anti-slip bath mats have also other advantages over bath mats made from different materials, especially those made from plastic and industrial rubber.

Teak shower floor


Teak bath mats are resistant to high temperature and humidity

High oil content in teak wood makes teak bathroom accessories resistant to high temperature and humidity in the bathroom. That’s why teak wood is often used for boat decks, outside furniture, in spas and around pools.

They can literary hold up for years without changing its look or shape and still you won’t see any cracks in them. Plus teak wood easily dries on its own, so there’s no need to take it outside to dry it. Just let it sit where it sits and it will do the job itself.

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Indoor and outdoor teak floor mats are not prone to molding, bacteria or insect attacks

Teak oil found in teak wood stays there for years and acts like natural repellent for mold, bacteria and insects. Unlike plastic and rubber bath mats, teak shower mat won’t become slippery because of the mold, nor will it present a risk for you or your family members to pick some infection from it.

This doesn’t mean that you should not clean your wooden shower math from time to time, but that is also a piece of cake, unlike cleaning mats from other materials.

teak bathroom floor mat


Teak bathroom mats are easily renewable

There are a few common options for teak bathroom accessories when it comes to finishes. But whether you buy natural, sealed or preweathered finish, which are most common options, you can easily renew its look if the starting one wears out or changes color.

Natural or unfinished teak wood, which is originally golden brown, tends to turn to silvery gray color over time. Sealed look means that the original color of the wood is preserved and it will not turn gray until the finish wears off with time (approximately a few years, depending of its usage).

Preweathered finish means that teak was already turned to silvery color and that silvery look is preserved. In any case, by simply re-oiling it with teak oil, which you can buy in furniture stores, you can renew its look in a few minutes.

Extraordinary durable bath mats

Teak wood isn’t prone to cracking because of its flexibility. Although the price of teak bathroom accessories may be somewhat higher than plastic or rubber made mats, their lifespan is several times longer. It will literary serve its purpose for years.

That’s why teak bathroom accessories usually come with several years of warranty. Investing in one of these means that you won’t even think of replacing it for at least several years.

corner shower spa mat


Teak shower floor is warm and extremely easy to clean

It is not recommendable to clean your teak shower floor mats with chemicals, as it will remove a part of the oil that protects the wood. Therefore, you should clean your math with salt water and soft sponge from time to time, as sailors do with the boat decks. After that, let it dry on air and you’re good to go. Cleaning rubber or plastic bath mats asks for more regular and detailed cleaning involving harsh chemicals needed to remove mold and bacteria.

We all know that standing barefoot on cold surfaces while showering or after it isn’t a great idea. Teak wood is naturally warm, which makes it excellent material for bathroom mats. Plus, it doesn’t crack easily, so there’s no chance to injure your feet as with other wooden shower mats. Besides shower mats, there are other types of bathroom furniture made from teak that can be very good investments. Teak shower benches and stools are excellent for older people and kids and of course, for situations where you’d like to sit in the shower.

By choosing shower caddies, bathroom cabinets, shelves, hampers and towel racks made from teak, you will make a smart choice as this precious wood holds up very well in wet bathroom conditions. You’ll also not go wrong by choosing teak made furniture around your pool and for outdoor furniture, because no other wood has even comparable features for these purposes. All the features of this precious wood make teak shower mats the best choice for your bathroom.